This tune is an update on the folk classic, "Cripple Creek." It is in Mixolydian tonality and unusual-paired meter. I use it as an acculturation and movement activity in "five." The notation ...Read More

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This quarantune (a song written during the Covid-19 quarantine) is in the Freygish mode (also known as Phrygian dominant.) I actually originally wrote it in Locrian, but it didn't quite set ...Read More

Verbal Association (abbreviated VA) is the second level in the Skill Learning Sequence. At this level, we use tonal solfege (movable do with a la-based minor) and rhythm solfege (movable “du,” ...Read More

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This is an updated version of the "My Mother, Your Mother" song archetype. There is built in listening, echoing, and improvisation. Lyrics Verse 1Once upon a time, there were two sheep,And ...Read More

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