Combining Tonal Patterns and Rhythm Patterns in “Real” Music
Combining Tonal Patterns and Rhythm Patterns in "Real" Music ByAndrew Mullen|Music Learning Theory In this Audiation Station video, we take[...]
Tonality Tutoring Session
Tonality Tutoring SessionByAndrew Mullen|Music Learning TheoryANDY GOES "LIVE"Several of my students were asking for some help with the tonalities. How do[...]
Improving My Fiddle Soloing Using The Chord Tone Scale
Learn how to solo using Pete Martin's Chord Tone Scale!
Audiation Station Is Here!
Audiation Station is Here!Do you have musician friends who can hear a song on the radio, and then just sit[...]
Stuck in a Major Rut? Use These Etunes to Learn All 8 Tonalities
In order to have a more grounded and global sense of Major tonality, Music Learning Theory dictates that we must learn contrasting tonalities as a means of comparison.
What is Body Mapping, and Why Do You Need It?
We all have a “map” in our brain which tells us how the body is organized according to structure, function, location, and size. Body mapping helps us gain clarity on healthy, graceful movements.
From Major to Locrian: An Overview of The Tonalities
An introduction to the following tonalities: Major, Minor, Aeolian, Dorian, Phrygian, Mixolydian, Lydian, and Locrian.
What is a Tonality? The Music Learning Theory (MLT) Definition.
Learn what defines a tonality, and how you can broaden your musical palette by learning all 8 tonalities!
Mission of This Blog
This blog is the result of teaching myself music for almost 30 years. There, of course, have been key figures and key individuals to help me along the way. However, for better and for worse, I have been my own teacher.


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