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This members-only portion of The Improving Musician website opens up the doors of my classroom to you and your students, and provides you everything you need to teach with an audiation-based approach

You have a curiosity about giving more to your students and teaching them to audiate, but you don't know where to start, or how to get an audiation-based curriculum off the ground. 

The Faculty Library solves this problem by providing all of the tools and resources you need to get your curriculum heading in the right direction: musical understanding

My members-only courses provide the theory of Gordon's Music Learning Theory, and show you how to practically apply the theory in your classroom with example curricula. 

Whether you are an elementary school teacher, a middle or high school teacher, a choir teacher, a piano teacher, or an instrumental ensemble teacher, you can use Music Learning Theory as the tomatoes of your music education sauce, while still holding true to your own ideas and vision for your classroom, studio or ensemble.  

If you want to achieve more buy-in from your students, and provide them with a lifetime's worth of music understanding, Music Learning Theory and audiation-based instruction are the only game in town. 

Introducing the Faculty Library

The Faculty Library is a resource hub that combines all of the previously-released content from The Improving Musician - and much, much more! - and organizes it in an engaging, user-friendly experience. All of my slideshows, patterns, mp3s, tunes for teaching, digital downloads and PDFs are all here under one roof, ready to be used by you and your students. 

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Here’s What's Inside The Faculty Library

After you sign up, you will get access to teacher-specific course on the theory and practical applications of Music Learning Theory, as well as access to all of my digital content (PDFs, mp3s, slideshows, teacher materials, members-only books, worksheets) immediately for you and your students.  

Teacher Courses

A growing catalogue of courses aimed at teachers who wish to learn the theory and practical applications of Music Learning Theory.


Everything you need to launch your pattern program, including PDFs, videos and mp3s of tonal patterns and rhythm patterns. 

Tunes for Teaching

Over 75 tunes for teaching that you can use in your classroom today, all of which have notation, mp3s and examples of how to use in your classroom. 

MP3s and PDFs

More files than you will know what to do with, including PDFs for all of my tunes and activities, and mp3s you can use in your classroom and for assignments. 


All of the teacher slideshows from all of my products (and many more!) are organized for easy use in the classroom. 

Members-Only Pages

Members-only pages are included for your reference, including pages for Keyboard, Guitar and Ukulele, as well as Quick Start Guides to help you get started. 

Here’s what you see when you log in.

The Launch Pad of the Faculty Library is the hub that ties the whole library together. From here, you can view the members-only courses, the Quick Start Guides, and access all of the members-only pages. 

Inside the Faculty Library

The Faculty Library is chock full of materials you can use in your classroom today

Piano Patterns, Book 1

The reading and writing book based on audiation that you have been waiting for! Piano Patterns Book 1, valued at $88, is included in a Faculty Library subscription. Find out more about Piano Patterns

The Choral Musician, Book 1

The sight-reading program for choirs, years in the making, is based on audiation and will fill the materials gap! This 278 page Google slideshow, filled with videos and audio files, will have your students reading music with understanding. This studio license, valued at $75, is included in the Faculty Library.  Find out more about The Choral Musician

Tunes for Teaching

On the Tunes for Teaching page, there are over 75 tunes for you to use in a general music setting. These are the tunes from my book, Fifty Tunes for Teaching, and many more. When you click on each tune, you get:

  • The notation, which you can view and/or download
  • An mp3 recording, which you can listen to and/or download
  • A slideshow for you to use in your classroom
  • Ideas for how to use the song, including references to Gordon's Skill Learning Sequence.
  • Links to applicable resources

Some teachers use these songs and their associated activities in their teaching, while others use them as models and use the suggested activities with their own songs. As the cool people say, "You do you."

Fifty Tunes for Teaching 1

The General Musician, Book 1

An adapted version of The Choral Musician for general music students. Take a look inside


On the Patterns page, there are many patterns you can use in your general music, band, chorus, or orchestra classes and ensembles, either as an extension of your Learning Sequence Activities, or in place of them. There are over 50 new Pattern Videos of tonal patterns in Treble/Bass and Cambiata keys. Here are a few examples. 

Some teachers embed the patterns into slideshows and use them as a "Do Now" or Bell Activity when students arrive. Other teachers assign the tracks to students as homework, or as an extension of the Learning Sequence Activity. Still, other teachers, myself included, teach the patterns to my choral ensemble, and have students record themselves and submit them on Google Classroom so I can hear their individual progress. 

If you are new to MLT, you might use the patterns to work on your own audiation skills in preparation for teaching. 

Teacher Courses

Another feature of the Faculty Library are the Teacher Courses. This ever-growing bundle of material is aimed at teachers who are using MLT as the basis for their classroom instruction. These courses make reference to and utilize all of the other materials in the Faculty Library, all of which you can feel free to use of not use, depending upon your experience and know-how. 

For instance, in the first two two curriculum-based courses, Teacher's Guide to Aural/Oral and Teacher's Guide to Verbal Association, I use my own Tunes for Teaching as part of the curriculum. You may, of course, use these tunes, or, better yet, write your own tunes!

Resource Center

The Resource Center is a hub, of sorts, for all of the material in the Faculty Library organized in several different ways. You may wish to peruse this page and see for yourself the different ways in which you can search for materials.  

Movement Activities

For those teachers looking for movement-specific Tunes for Teaching, I have created this page. I have organized them in several different ways. As such, there are duplicates within and among the sections. Get students up and moving, and put the "DUs in their shoes!" 

Student Worksheets

Student worksheets can be found all over the Faculty Library. I have created a section within the Resource Center page which houses the Student Worksheets and allows teachers to view them in Google Drive folders, rather than just viewing one at a time. 

Teacher Slideshows

Because students are such visual learners these days, I often use Google slideshows for most of my teaching. I have included all of the slideshows from The Literate Musician Teacher Slideshow bundle, the Fifty Tunes for Teaching Digital Resources and many other not-previously shared materials. You can use the slideshows as they are, or you can download them, add them to your own Google Drive, and make changes as you see fit. 

About Andy Mullen, The Improving Musician

Andy Mullen is an audiation-based music teacher in Burlington, MA, a suburb north of Boston, where he teaches both general music and choir to middle school students. He loves singing weird songs about snails and bubble gum to his students, hearing them sing, improvise and compose, and seeing them grow every single day as musicians.  

Andy is on the Elementary General and Choral faculty of GIML, the Gordon Institute for Music Learning, and also serves as chair of the Media and Communications commission, and is President-elect.  

He is a recovering singer-songwriter, and is an active folk musician. 

Here’s what people are saying about Andy's materials

Hannah Mayo

Piano Teacher

My students especially love his engaging tunes and videos!

Andy Mullen’s materials have been, and continue to be, one of my favorite supplements! They have taught me so much about being a quality music educator and filled in many gaps in my understanding of the music learning sequence. 

Monica Martini

Music Teacher

I thank you for all your resources and inspirations. I love your work in the MLT world.

I have been using Andy's resources since I discovered them and they are now indispensable in my teaching. Furthermore, he is really available for any need or clarification. The resources are adaptable and having multiple voices are useful for all the voice registers present in the classroom.

Melanie Jones

Music Teacher

MLT can be complicated stuff, but with Andy, it is fun for teachers and students alike

His superb website, videos and books are so accessible and clearly presented; they gave me my way in to start exploring MLT, for which I am hugely grateful. Andy’s delightful sense of humor is apparent throughout. I cannot wait to see what he produces next!

a TON of value for a very reasonable price...

For a very small yearly honorarium, teachers can unlock a plethora of music education ideas, techniques and classroom materials to keep them going for years. 

The price is very reasonable now because the library is growing. Many more courses (both teacher and student), Quick Start Guides, lesson plans, mp3s, PDFs are continuously added to the site. 

Coming soon to the library:

  • Student courses on subdominant and more rhythmic functions
  • Teacher courses on Partial Synthesis and the remaining skill levels



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The Faculty Library and its contents are designated for one teacher and their students for one full year. Please inquire about school and district pricing. 

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From Andy

I have worked very hard to take everything I do every day in the classroom and make it accessible for teachers of all levels and experience! I look forward to hearing about your experiences in the Faculty Library and continuing to help you on your audiation journey. See you inside!