Introducing the FREE Student Library!

Introducing the FREE Student Library!

By Andy Mullen 


I am happy to announce the release of the FREE student library! This video says it all:

The growing student library includes the following features:

  • Access to my 3 free eBooks: How to Teach the Language of Music, How to Learn the Language of Music, and Your Baby's First Music Teacher.
  • Members-only courses
  • Pattern sheets and practice videos
  • Videos organized by topic
  • Backing tracks
  • Ukulele, guitar and keyboard chord sheets and chord videos
  • Tests to assess audiation skills

To access the student library, you simply need to create an account here:

Join the Free Student Library

If you have ever purchased a product from me in the past, you likely already have an account, and you can just log in to your account on the page above and VOILA, you're in!

I hope you enjoy the free student library!

About the author Andy Mullen

Andy Mullen is a teacher, folk musician, multi-instrumentalist, recovering singer-songwriter, and lifelong learner. He has taught all levels of students in a number of subjects, and is currently a middle school general music and choir teacher in Burlington, Massachusetts. Mr Mullen holds Masters degrees in Music Education and School Administration, and serves on the faculty for the Gordon Institute of Music Learning (GIML) in Elementary General Music. He is the author of "MLT Any Music Teacher Can Du...De," "The Literate Musician" and "Fifty Tunes for Teaching," and the composer of the children's album, "Chucka Chucka Wawa."

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