New Product - Advanced Rhythm Patterns CD

New Product – Advanced Rhythm Patterns CD

By Andy Mullen 


This downloadable mp3 “CD” contains over 60 tracks of advanced rhythm patterns with and without rhythm syllables for student or teacher use.

Each meter/function is included both with a neutral syllable (at the Aural/Oral skill level) and with rhythm syllables (at the Verbal Association level). 

Included are the following rhythmic functions in Duple and Triple meters:

  • Divisions
  • Elongations
  • Division/Elongations
  • Ties
  • Rests
  • Upbeats
  • Divisions of Divisions
  • Triplet Divisions

In addition, the following advanced meters and functions are included:

  • Usual Combined Meter (Macro/microbeats)
  • Uneven Paired Meter (Macro/microbeats, divisions, all functions)
  • Uneven Paired Meter ["7" groupings] (Macro/microbeats, divisions, all functions)
  • Uneven Paired Meter ["8" groupings] (Macro/microbeats, divisions, all functions)
  • Mutli-metric
Advanced Rhythm Patterns (CD)

About the author Andy Mullen

Andy Mullen is a teacher, folk musician, multi-instrumentalist, recovering singer-songwriter, and lifelong learner. He has taught all levels of students in a number of subjects, and is currently a middle school general music and choir teacher in Burlington, Massachusetts. Mr Mullen holds Masters degrees in Music Education and School Administration, and serves on the faculty for the Gordon Institute of Music Learning (GIML) in Elementary General Music. He is the author of "MLT Any Music Teacher Can Du...De," "The Literate Musician" and "Fifty Tunes for Teaching," and the composer of the children's album, "Chucka Chucka Wawa."

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