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“MLT Any Music Teacher Can Du…De” breaks down Gordon’s Music Learning Theory into simple, easy to understand language and manageable chunks. No Ph.D. required!

This book is a welcomed introduction to MLT and will help you get acclimated to the oft-confused but life-changing music pedagogy developed by Dr. Edwin E. Gordon. It is divided into into 3 parts:

  • Part I: The Theory of Music Learning Theory
  • Part II: The Practical Applications of Music Learning Theory
  • Part III: Curriculum Development (a Sample MLT Curriculum with 10 Units)

This useful tool for any music teacher K-100 contains the following highlights:

  • Pattern Taxonomies in Duple, Triple, Major and Minor
  • Musicianship Ideas
  • Ideas for making Learning Sequence Activities practical
  • Whole-Part-Wholes
  • Many charts for sequencing objectives
  • Maintaining and establishing an Audiation Foundation
  • Dozens of songs in many tonalities and meters with teaching ideas
  • Many ideas for how to incorporate Bucket Drums and ukulele!
  • “Can Do” Objectives at each skill level
  • Connect your songs and instrumental activities to the musicianship objectives in LSAs
  • Fun games with parachutes, scarves, bean bags and puppets

In addition, the book contains a 257 page Digital Appendix with links to YouTube video lessons (!), reproducibles, truncated student lessons, Keyboard Cheat Sheet, Tonality Cheat Sheet, Rhythm Cheat Sheet, writing sheets, and all Reading Benchmarks from the student edition. 

A print edition is also available from Click the button to purchase the print edition. 

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Note: Many aspects of this book are supplemented with teacher courses and videos, and are included in a Faculty Library subscription!