Resting Tone

Tonal Sequence
Essential Harmonic Functions

First Steps: Listen

Start by watching these videos to get the sound of Mixolydian in your audiation.

Next Step: Patterns

Tonal patterns and rhythm patterns are the words of music. 

Verbal Association Patterns

Listen and echo

Listen to these patterns with tonal solfege, breathe on the second click and echo them back. You are building a tonal vocabulary.


Further engage in Mixolydian tonality in the following ways.  

Listen to More Mixolydian Tunes

Listen to more tunes in Mixolydian. Can you hear and sing the I, VII and IV chords?

Sing Chord Roots in Mixolydian

Bum along with the chord roots in this Chord Root Cousin Song. 

Explore the Purposeful Pathways 

Navigating between chords will help you make the powerful connection between melody and harmony.