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The General Musician

Musical Thought = Musical Performers


Building an Audiation Vocabulary

Reading the Audiation Foundation


Tonal Patterns

Tonal Sequence #1, Major Tonality

Major Tonality, Neutral Syllable

Major Tonality, Solfege

Tonal Sequence #1, Minor Tonality

Minor Tonality, Neutral Syllable

Minor Tonality, Solfege

Rhythm Patterns

Duple Meter, Macrobeats and Microbeats

Duple Meter, Neutral Syllable

Duple Meter, Rhythm Syllables

Triple Meter, Macrobeats and Microbeats

Triple Meter, Neutral Syllable

Triple Meter, Rhythm Syllables


Book 1: Establishing an Audiation Foundation (macrobeats and microbeats in duple and triple; tonic and dominant patterns in major and minor; scale patterns in major and minor) and reading the very same content. 

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Before you buy, why not download the free sampler, and try it out for yourself in your own classroom? This will give you a taste of the workbook. 

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If you want even more of an idea of the contents of each book, I do a deep dive into each workbook with a walkthrough of the entire thing. Note that these walk-throughs are of the Choral Musician, but are essentially the same content.

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