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A resource for improving musicians, music teachers, and parents of future musical prodigies. 

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Everything you need for an MLT-based curriculum.

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Everything you need for an

audiation-based music curriculum. 

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MLT Any Music Teacher Can Du…De 10

MLT Any Music Teacher Can Du...De

MLT Any Music Teacher Can Du…De breaks down Gordon’s Music Learning Theory into simple, easy to understand language and manageable chunks. No Ph.D. required!

The Literate Musician

The Literate Musician: Student Book 1

Musician, educator, and creator of The Improving Musician Andy Mullen has created a guide for self-starting musicians to learn to hear, think, speak and read the language of music.

Fifty Tunes for Teaching 1

Fifty Tunes for Teaching

Here are fifty new tunes for teaching written by Andy Mullen. Each tune comes with teaching ideas sequenced to Gordon's Music Learning Theory.  

Starter Courses

Rhythm Audiation 101: Fundamentals

In this course, we will learn the rhythmic components of the audiation foundation, including macrobeats and microbeats in Duple meter.

Tonal Audiation 101: Tonal Fundamentals

In this course, students will learn the tonal audiation foundation: resting tone as well as tonic and dominant harmonic functions in major and minor tonalities.

Rhythm Reading 101: Fundamentals

In this course, we will learn to read macrobeats and microbeats in duple and triple meters, as well as read longer rhythmic sentences and figure out the meter.

Tonal Reading 101: Fundamentals

In this course, participants will make connections between the tonic and dominant patterns in their audiation and standard musical notation by reading those same familiar patterns in familiar and unfamiliar orders. This course will only focus on major tonality.


Your guide, Andy Mullen

Andy Mullen is a teacher, folk musician, multi-instrumentalist, composer, recovering singer-songwriter, and lifelong learner. 

He has taught all levels of students in a number of subjects, and is currently a middle school general music teacher and choir teacher in Burlington, Massachusetts.

Andy holds Masters degrees in Music Education and School Administration, and is a faculty member of the Gordon Institute for Music Learning (GIML) in Elementary General and Choral music. 

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