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Translating Duple Divisions

Musical translation means that you listen to a pattern with a neutral syllable and "translate" it to solfege. 

In this lesson, you will translate duple division patterns from a neutral syllable to solfege. You will translate at the word level, the phrase level and at the sentence level. If we were to make a connection to learning a foreign language, we might think of those patterns in the following way:

  • Word level (rhythm cell). For example, in Spanish, “gato” means “cat.”
  • Phrase level (two macrobeat pattern). For example, “el gato negro” means “the black cat.”
  • Sentence level (four macrobeat pattern). For example, “El gato negro esta en mi casa” means “The black cat is in my house.”

Watch the video lesson below. 

Then, do the Patterns-Only lesson. 


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