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Introduction to Rhythm Patterns


We will learn rhythm patterns through the first discrimination level skill, Aural/Oral. You will hear a pattern (aural), and then echo it back (oral). Think of the way that your parents taught you your first words. The process is very similar. Furthermore, after you chant the pattern (oral), you listen to the pattern again as you echo it (another aural) to check yourself for accuracy. So this cyclical process really could be called Aural/Oral/Aural. 

Rhythm Patterns and the Breath

Most rhythm patterns will be four macrobeats in length. Before you echo back the rhythm pattern, it’s important to take a full breath on the 4th macrobeat. It is during the breath that audiation happens. 

If you take time to notice, when someone asks you a thoughtful question, you will pause, think (audiate?), and take a breath before you speak. It’s during that breath that your brain organizes and summarizes the information about to be spoken. 

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