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Triple Divisions, Explained

Watch the video Rhythm Lesson 10.2: Divisions in Duple Meter for an explanation.

When you take a microbeat, and divide it again, it’s called a division. Just like duple, we’ll use the syllable “TA” to represent the division of a microbeat. 

To get the syllables moving fluidly, try chanting four macrobeats, four pairs of microbeats, and then four sets of divisions. Then try it in reverse: divisions, then microbeats, then macrobeats. 

To make divisions flow more easily off the tongue, you might consider pronouncing them “TUH.” 

Triple Division Rhythm Cells

Since there are three microbeats, there are more possibilities of division patterns in triple meter. In this course, we will focus on just four triple division vocabulary words. Later, you will have the opportunity to learn the rest. 

As with previous rhythmic functions, try improvising with them as much as possible, either with yourself, or in a rhythmic conversation with another musician. 

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