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Tonal Prerequisites

When we consider the way that we learn language, we begin with a substantial vocabulary which we use and refine for 4-5 years before we actually learn to read our first words. (See my article on the Music/Language Parallel)

Following best practices, before we learn to read tonally, we should have amassed a vocabulary of tonal patterns in both major and minor tonalities. And, those should be the first words we learn to read. 

Building a Tonal Vocabulary

Before you embark on this course, I strongly recommend that you complete my Tonal Audiation course, 101: Tonal Fundamentals. In this course, you will learn important tonal concepts (tonality, resting tone, harmonic function, tonic [I], dominant [V]) as well as build a vocabulary of tonic and dominant patterns in major and minor tonality. 

In this course, students will learn the tonal audiation foundation: resting tone as well as tonic and dominant harmonic functions in major and minor tonalities.


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If you are short on time, you can focus on learning the concepts and the tonal patterns in the following videos:

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