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Major Tonality, Aural/Oral

Just as we did with rhythm, you should first experience harmony at the Aural/Oral level with musical patterns.  You will use the following sub-skills to build your harmonic vocabulary:

  • First Pitch: Listen to a pattern, sing only the first pitch you hear, and audiate the rest. Use the syllable “BUM.”
  • Resting Tone: Listen to a pattern, and sing only the resting tone on “BUM”.
  • Whole pattern: Echo the entire pattern using “BUM.”

You will begin by listening to a series of familiar patterns in a familiar order (FPIFO). We will listen to the patterns first without syllables. Then, we will add syllables. 

Watch the video below and follow along. 

After you have watched the video lesson, you may wish to review the Patterns-Only Video. Vary the performance tasks. 

  • 1st time: just listen to the patterns.
  • 2nd time: sing the first pitch.
  • 3rd time: sing the resting tone.
  • 4th time: sing the whole pattern.

Patterns Only, Key of D

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