Before You Start

Before you begin to read macrobeats and microbeats in duple and triple meters, be sure that you have a good working knowledge of the following skills. You are ready for this lesson if you can:

  • Echo macrobeats and microbeats using syllables;
  • Improvise using the syllable system. Can you "speak 'Du De'"?
  • Translate neutral syllables to solfege. 

If you are not ready to read based on the above guidelines, I strongly suggest you revisit the course Rhythm Audiation 101: Rhythm Fundamentals for a thorough review. It is linked below. 

In this course, I will teach you the rhythm fundamentals of the Audiation Foundation.  This course establishes a rhythmic foundation of macrobeats and microbeats in duple and triple meters, and shows how how to speak, improvise and translate at a fundamental level.


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