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Review and Prerequisites

Aural Prerequisites

Before you attempt to read anything, it is imperative that you can audiate it first. It is assumed that you have already taken the following course:

In particular, you should focus on Module 3, Lesson 1 on Verbal Association in Major Tonality. If you need a quick reminder of the patterns we will be reading, you can echo them in the following video:

Reading Prerequisites

In addition to the aural review above, it would be very helpful to have also read the Familiar Patterns in the Familiar Order (FPIFO) and Unfamiliar order (FPIUFO) in the course below. 

8 lessons


In this course, participants will make connections between the tonic and dominant patterns in their audiation and standard musical notation by reading those same familiar patterns in familiar and unfamiliar orders. This course will only focus on major tonality.

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