Getting Started

Lesson 13 Module 2


The lessons for the companion course to the book "The Literate Musician" will be added as they are completed. In the interim, please use the older "Audiation Station" videos as a resource. Use the chart below to assist you. 

"The Literate Musician" Lessons

"Audiation Station" Lessons

Lesson 1: Introduction to Rhythm Concepts

Lesson 2: Echoing Rhythm Patterns, Duple, Aural/Oral

Lesson 3: Echoing Rhythm Patterns, Triple, Aural/Oral

Lesson 4: Verbal Association, Duple Meter

Lesson 5: Verbal Association, Triple Meter

Lesson 6: Improvisation

Lesson 7: Rhythmic Translation

Lesson 8: Duple Divisions

Lesson 9: Triple Divisions

Lesson 10: Comparing Duple and Triple Meters

Lesson 11: Duple Elongations

Lesson 12: Triple Elongations


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