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Here is what is included in the Student library:

Courses exclusively for members of The Improving Musician student library.

  • Duple Divisions
  • Triple Divisions
  • Introduction to Melody
  • Many more coming soon!

All of the tonal patterns and rhythm patterns from the Audiation Foundation. 

  • Pattern Echoing Videos
  • Pattern sheets with and without tonal and rhythm solfege

Audiation-based video materials, including course videos, loops and more. 

  • Members-only courses
  • Harmonic Loops
  • Singing Bass Line Videos
  • Tonal and Rhythm Acculturation

The catalog of free instructional eBooks including PDF books for students, teachers and parents. 

  • "How to Learn the Language of Music"
  • "How to Teach the Language of Music"
  • "Your Baby's First Music Teacher"

Improve your instrumental and skills with backing tracks in several different styles. 

  • One chord folk style tracks
  • I IV V tracks
  • In several different keys (C, D, E, F, G, A, Bb, B)

Materials related to instrumental instruction

  • Chord sheets for guitar, ukulele and keyboard
  • Beginner chord videos for guitar and ukulele

Several tests designed to assess your achievement in tonal and rhythmic audiation and skills. 

  • Same vs. Different
  • Major vs. Minor
  • Duple vs. Triple
  • Major vs. Minor
  • Match the Progression

Classroom materials for students and teachers

  • Reference Sheets
  • Music notation

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