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Sight Reading Workbook 1A


These short workbooks, based on the Music Learning Theory of Dr. Edwin E. Gordon, are ideal for choirs, music theory classes, and general music classes who want a more concise version of The Literate Musician to use as the basis for their sight reading program. 

The Literate Musician Sight Reading series is here! 

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Product Info

This 50-page book, which links to two online companion courses with audio and video examples, contains the following sections:

Rhythm Fundamentals 

LESSON: Echoing Rhythm Patterns (Duple, Aural/Oral) 

LESSON: Echoing Rhythm Patterns (Triple, Aural/Oral) 

LESSON: Verbal Association, Duple Meter 

LESSON: Verbal Association, Triple Meter 

LESSON: Rhythm Improvisation #1 

LESSON: Comparing Duple and Triple #1 

LESSON: Rhythm Pattern Translation #1 

LESSON: Next Rhythmic Function: Divisions 

Tonal Fundamentals 

LESSON: Major Tonality, Aural/Oral 

LESSON: Minor Tonality, Aural/Oral 

LESSON: Verbal Association, Major Tonality 

LESSON: Verbal Association, Minor Tonality 

LESSON: Tonal Improvisation 

LESSON: Singing Bass Lines 

LESSON: Comparing Major and Minor Tonalities 

LESSON: Harmonic Translation 

Rhythm Reading Fundamentals 

LESSON: Macrobeats and Microbeats in Duple Meter, 2/4 

LESSON: Macrobeats and Microbeats in Triple Meter, 6/8 

LESSON: Reading Longer Rhythm Patterns in Duple and Triple 

Tonal Reading Fundamentals 

LESSON: Introduction to Tonal Reading 

LESSON: Tonic Patterns, Major Tonality 

LESSON: Generalizing New Tonic Patterns, Major Tonality 

Reading Benchmarks: Combining Tonal and Rhythm 

Reading Benchmark 1A-1

Reading in Minor Tonality 

LESSON: Familiar Patterns, Minor Tonality 

LESSON: Reading Tonic Patterns in Minor Tonality 

LESSON: Generalizing New Minor Tonic Patterns 

Reading Benchmark 1A-2

Enrhythmic Reading 

LESSON: Enrythmic Patterns in Duple Meter, 4/4 

LESSON: Enrythmic Patterns in Triple Meter, 3/4 

LESSON: Longer Patterns in Duple and Triple 

Stepwise Patterns 

LESSON: Reading Stepwise Patterns in Major Tonality 

LESSON: Reading Stepwise Patterns: DRM, MRD, DTD 

LESSON: Generalizing New Stepwise Patterns, DO RE MI and TI 

Reading Benchmark 1A-3

Reading Benchmark 1A-4

LESSON: How to Find DO & Two New DO-Signatures 

LESSON: Combining Harmonic and Stepwise Patterns 

Reading Benchmark 1A-5


10, 25, Teacher License


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