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Download this free eBook to discover the beauty of sequential teaching in an MLT-inspired classroom. 

Do you want to implement Gordon's Music Learning Theory, but just don't have enough information to apply it to your teaching situation? Have you been unable to attend a 2-week GIML certification course, but want to teach your students in a logical, sequential manner? Then this book is just for you!

  • A concise overview and sequential guide for Gordon's Skill Learning Sequence including Learning Sequence Activities and Classroom Activities at each skill level
  • Tonal patterns and rhythm patterns, which form the basis of your students' musical vocabulary
  • A step-by-step guide for how to get your pattern program off the ground
  • How to make connections between your pattern program and the rest of your curriculum
  • Links to MLT content from around the web

How to Teach the Language of Music is an ideal starter for music educators who wish to get started teaching in an MLT-inspired manner. 

89 pages

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