Acculturation – Phrygian Tonality

Lesson 9 Chapter 2 Module 1

Listening Experiences

Phrygian is an ancient tonality (sometimes referred to as a mode) whose use is infrequent in the music of our culture. Phrygian, and elements of Phrygian, can be found in European and Eastern European music, particularly in Greek, Spanish and Jewish cultures. It is characterized by the flattened second scale degree.

Watch this video to get the sound of Phrygian in your ears.

More Listening Experiences

On the album "Chucka Chucka Wawa," listen to the song "Ya Ya Ya."

Listen to the song "Rosemary" from the Modal Rounds for Choir Playlist.

Advanced Information

Echo these patterns in Phrygian tonality with solfege. 

For more advanced information about Phrygian tonality, including solfege and patterns, go this this page on The Improving Musician website: PHRYGIAN TONALITY.

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