Acculturation – Lydian Tonality

Lesson 10 Chapter 2 Module 1

Listening Experiences

Lydian is another tonality that you don’t hear that much in current pop songwriting. However, it is very prevalent in film scores. Elements of it appear in many television and movie themes. The so called “sharp four,” a nod to Lydian, is a tried and true motif.

Watch the following video to get the sound of Lydian in your ears. 

More Listening Experiences

On the album "Chucka Chucka Wawa," listen to the song "La La."

Listen to the Lydian eTune. 

Advanced Information

Echo these patterns in Lydian tonality with solfege.

For more advanced information about Lydian tonality, including solfege and patterns, go this this page on The Improving Musician website: LYDIAN TONALITY.

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