Acculturation – Dorian Tonality

Lesson 7 Chapter 2 Module 1

Listening Experiences

Dorian tonality is another of the most prevailing tonalities in our culture. It is much less common than major, but appears almost as frequently as minor. Many songs from the Reggae genre and several folk traditions are in Dorian. It is a popular tonality in Old Time and Irish fiddle tunes, characterized by the major IV chord.

Watch the video below several times to get the sound of Dorian in your ears. 

More Listening Experiences

On the album "Chucka Chucka Wawa," listen to the song "Cuckoo."

Listen to this Dorian eTune.

Advanced Information

Echo these patterns in Dorian tonality with solfege. 

For more advanced information about Dorian tonality, including solfege and patterns, go this this page on The Improving Musician website: DORIAN TONALITY.

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