Acculturation – Aeolian Tonality

Lesson 11Chapter 2 Module 1

Listening Experiences

Aeolian, which appears very frequently in our culture, is the cousin of Minor tonality because they share a resting tone.In fact, many songs labeled as minor are, in fact, more specifically Aeolian (also known as “natural minor”). They share many of the same harmonic functions (chords), however Aeolian uses a VII chord as opposed to a V7 chord.

More Listening Experiences

On the album "Chucka Chucka Wawa," listen to the song "Shum Puh Puh."

Listen to this Aeolian eTune.

Advanced Information

Echo these patterns in Aeolian tonality with solfege. 

For more advanced information about Aeolian tonality, including solfege and patterns, go this this page on The Improving Musician website: AEOLIAN TONALITY.

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