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Combining Tonal Patterns and Rhythm Patterns in “Real” Music
Combining Tonal Patterns and Rhythm Patterns in "Real" Music ByAndrew Mullen|Music Learning Theory In this Audiation Station video, we take[...]
Tonality Tutoring Session
Tonality Tutoring SessionByAndrew Mullen|Music Learning TheoryANDY GOES "LIVE"Several of my students were asking for some help with the tonalities. How do[...]
Audiation Station Is Here!
Audiation Station is Here!Do you have musician friends who can hear a song on the radio, and then just sit[...]
Stuck in a Major Rut? Use These Etunes to Learn All 8 Tonalities
In order to have a more grounded and global sense of Major tonality, Music Learning Theory dictates that we must learn contrasting tonalities as a means of comparison.
From Major to Locrian: An Overview of The Tonalities
An introduction to the following tonalities: Major, Minor, Aeolian, Dorian, Phrygian, Mixolydian, Lydian, and Locrian.
What is a Tonality? The Music Learning Theory (MLT) Definition.
Learn what defines a tonality, and how you can broaden your musical palette by learning all 8 tonalities!


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