What Is Audiation?

Audiation is the ability to hear and understand music for which the sound is not physically present. In short, it’s the ability to think musically. Performing music is a lot like speaking a language.

In order to speak, we must have a vocabulary of words, and the ability to put those words together into a sentence so it makes sense in the context of each unique situation.

In music, we must have a collection of tonal and rhythm patterns, and acquire the ability to perform them in musical context, that is, within the harmonic and rhythmic constraints of the tonalities and meters of our culture.

AUDIATION – Tonal Lesson Trajectory

Independent musical thinking

We must seek to understand how music works, so that we are not dependent on others to teach us music, or to rely strictly on musical notation. We want to be independent musical thinkers.

Audiation Station

Audiation Station is a series of lessons that uses Music Learning Theory to teach audiation. Motivated students can follow these lessons, and learn to audiate music.

How To Learn The Language Of Music

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