Audiation Station Is Here!

Do you have musician friends who can hear a song on the radio, and then just sit down and play it on the piano or the guitar? Do you hate them and their good ears? The reason they can do that is because they can THINK musically. Thinking musically is called AUDIATION. And fortunately for you, audiation can be taught!

However, you must go back to the beginning, and retrain your brain to think musically.

AUDIATION STATION will take you back to the beginning, and retrain your brain to think musically, so that you can hear songs and play them, improvise, and make music your own!

There are 11 starter lessons on YouTube, with new ones added every week.

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About the Author

Andrew Mullen is a teacher, folk musician, multi-instrumentalist, song writer, lifelong learner, and now a blogger, apparently. He has taught all levels of students in a number of subjects, and is currently a middle school music teacher and curriculum coach in Burlington, Massachusetts. Mr. Mullen holds masters degrees in Music Education and School Administration, as well as certification from the Gordon Institute of Music Learning (GIML) in Elementary General and Early Childhood Music. He is currently entertaining doctoral scholarships.